Missoula Walking TrailsEven when vacationing or away for business, many travelers still welcome the opportunity for a little healthy exercise.  When your travel destination includes Missoula, the scenic walking trails of the Garden City provide a perfect opportunity to kick your heart rate up a notch – and take in the beauty of Western Montana while you’re at it.

The end of March officially marks the start of trail season in Missoula. Below we have featured three local trails that offer the perfect combination of scenery and terrain suitable for walkers of all ages and endurance levels.


Riverfront Trail – This downtown Missoula trail is the perfect choice for those that would like to experience Missoula’s beautiful Clark Fork River. This trail also provides the opportunity to stop at various local shops, parks, and eateries along the way. The 3.5 mile trail follows both the north and south sides of the Clark Fork River through downtown, and provides easy non-motorized access to the University of Montana. If you have children in your traveling party, this trail is a great choice as it is easy terrain, and the Dragon Hollow playground and The Missoula carousel are located along the north path.

Kim Williams Nature Trail – This 4 mile long trail extends east from the south Riverfront trail and meanders along the Clark Fork River into Hellgate Canyon right along the mountains. Along with passing directly by the University of Montana, the Kim Williams Trail is a great place to take in the river in a less populated setting. It is also an excellent place to potentially spot local wildlife.

IMG_0290Greenough Park Trail – This 0.8 mile long trail is a peaceful refuge from the city located not far from downtown in Missoula’s Rattlesnake neighborhood. The trail makes a loop through beautiful, 42-acre Greenough Park and is an excellent place for bird watching. More than 100 species make their home here, and signs along the trail describe some of the species you might see. Greenough Park is lush and green with thick cottonwoods, conifers, willows, and many other herbaceous plants. The pristine Rattlesnake Creek runs through the park’s center, making this trail a relaxing and peaceful outdoor experience.

Whether your vacation plans include maintaining your regular exercise routine, or simply taking time to explore the city while enjoying its scenic beauty, Missoula’s walking trails provide the perfect opportunity to experience Missoula on foot.

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