missoula farmers market

The Farmer’s Market, People’s Market, and Clark Fork Market are all within the confines of the downtown area, and are located close enough together to travel between them all by foot. The Mountain Line Trolley also runs back and forth for convenience.

Farmer’s Market – Located in Circle Square (on the north end of Higgins Ave), this market runs from May 2 – October 31, 2015. The action runs from 8 am – 12:30 pm every Saturday, and from 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm on Tuesday evenings from July 7 – September 22, 2015. Live performers will be scheduled on Saturdays from 9 am – 12 pm. Early spring markets will open with fresh and local early spring produce, bedding plants, coffee, and baked goods from dozens of vendors.

240px-logo-transpPeople’s Market – Located on Pine Street, just south of the Farmer’s Market at Circle Square, this arts and crafts market starts May 9, 2015 and runs from 8 am – 12:30 pm every Saturday through fall. Here you will find local crafters and artisans featuring items such as handmade soaps, candles, clothing, wood and glass creations, jewelry, and several local, ready-made food vendors.

Clark Fork Market – Located along the Clark Fork River under the Higgins Street Bridge, this market runs from May 2, 2015 through fall from 8 am – 1 pm. This market is a combination of food and craft vendors that feature produce, coffee, and baked goods, but also features unique items such as jams and jellies, sausage, cheese, clothing, fresh lemonade, waffles, and more.

Many locals enjoy weekly trips to the markets during our warmer months and make the “circuit” between all three to support hardworking local farmers and crafters.

If you find yourself in Missoula during market season, park that rental car downtown on a Saturday morning and experience a fun time shopping outdoors Missoula style!