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Please read the following policies prior to placing your car rental reservation. If you have questions, please contact us.

Rental Qualifications

Renters must meet the minimum age requirement of 25.  Those individuals 20-24 will be subject to and additional Age Differential Charge assessed at the time of the rental.  Please note that at the time of rental you will need to present (1) a current driver’s license and (2) a valid credit, charge card, or debit card in the renter’s name.

Acceptable Forms of Payment

Acceptable form of payment is limited to major credit or debit cards (American Express / Mastercard /  Visa / Diners Club / Discover / Hertz Card ).  Credit cards must have available credit, and debit/check cards must have available funds, for the estimated amount of rental charges plus up to USD 200.00 for any incidental charges in order to secure the rental.  Eligible debit cards must have the Visa or Mastercard logo.  Stored value/prepaid/gift cards are not acceptable to qualify for rental; however these cards may be used for payment at the time of your car return.

Authorized Operators

Acceptable Authorized Operators age 25 and older are automatically covered on the Rental Agreement.  An authorized operator is defined as: employer, employee or fellow employee of renter on company business, when booking includes company Corporate Discount Number.  Authorized Operators do not have to be present at time of rental and will not be subject to a fee.  

Additional Authorized Operators

Individuals not automatically covered on the Rental Agreement as Authorized Operators noted above may be signed on as an “Additional Authorized Operator” (AAO). AAO’s must be present and may be signed on to the rental agreement at the time of rental or during the rental at any US Hertz location.  Renter and each AAO must be present to sign Rental Agreement, present an acceptable credit card or debit card in their own name, or a current round-trip ticket (air, train or bus), show valid driver’s license, and must be a minimum of 20 years of age. For those 20 through 24 the Age Differential Charge will apply.

For further comprehensive list of policies please contact our Missoula office and/or visit us at Hertz.com.

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